Lighting technology

Lighting technology, full range of lighting and lighting services. Events, happenings, weddings. Design and implementation of lighting technology.

Lighting technology
Lighting Technology Applied Arts

Lighting technology is the most widely available to our customers. These event technology tools are essential for an event where it is important to have a good mood.

Our lighting equipment includes the latest LED lamps, spots, washes, mirror scanner smart lamps, dimmers, stroboscopes. These tools are great for cozy dinners, fashion shows and parties. As part of the lighting technology, gobos can be ordered on request, with which we can project logos on the wall.

We can serve the lighting needs of all types of indoor and outdoor events. It could be a wedding lighting technology, or a concert lighting technology, a corporate event or a mass event of national significance.

A wide range of lighting technology and lighting equipment is available at our company. This way we can make your event the most beautiful event.

You can order our lighting services for the following locations:

  • conference
  • fashion show
  • hotel event
  • car show
  • exhibition
  • roadshow
  • festival
  • family day
  • gala evening
  • concert
  • promotional event
  • product presentation
  • outdoor event
  • opening ceremonies
  • balls
  • TV recording
  • stage performance

Lighting technology, full range of lighting and lighting services.

Our company is most widely visited by those who want some beautiful light painting for an event, occasion or wedding.

Such construction work may consist of several parts. For example, if you know what you want to see, your task is easier. However, if you have an idea but don’t know how to solve it, miss us and we’ll help.

We plan and provide full execution at your event. And if you want to completely paint the place with light.

What do I need to apply for lighting technology?

The most important is the date s time. Then we can see if we can provide it for you just then.

The location is also important. We are in Budapest, but we work not only in Hungary but also in Europe and in some cases outside the EU. However. wherever the event takes place, it is important that we hold a tour so that we can make an accurate offer.

What lamps can I request?

Our company is well equipped with all the lighting that can be expected from a lighting technology or lighting technology company that is suitable for today's event industry. We can talk about building lighting, weddings, events, anything. In recent years, we have also participated in the organization and conduct of conferences and fashion shows.

You can request robot lights, LED lights, clarifiers, building lights from us. Upon request, we can supply cordless lamps or simple building coloring lamps.

Tell us what you want to see what your needs are, we plan to price it and build it for you.

You can also request a pedestal stand made of aluminum, on which a white cover is drawn and illuminated from the inside. Systems of this type, relatively inexpensive, are easy and can be implemented anywhere.

Other available services: