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Sound technology, event sound system, conference sound system
Event sound system, conference sound system

Event sound system

Our new system is also suitable for sounding family days and other events. Also available are the following systems: L-acoustics, Trevis sound systems.

Write us the or contact us on +36208086082, where we will try to help you immediately.

Event sound system may be required in both outdoor and temporary indoor auditoriums, whether for concerts or various performances and other occasions.

Mobile audio

The quality of mobile sound technology is also outstanding in the field of event sound. With the help of our high-quality equipment and reliable sound technician colleagues, we provide a first-class service for sounding events. We always strive for and achieve the best sound quality.

In addition to continuous development, we monitor the latest event sound equipment on the market and try to obtain the best latest technologies.

Microphones for event and event soundings.
Event sound system microphone

There are also a lot of differences between events and happenings. For a conference call, they are looking for clip-on or head microphones. For the sound of other events, for example village days, concert sound or a mixture of these, they are looking for singing microphones.

Sound technology, Handheld microphone for events.
Handheld microphone for sounding events.

As the success of events depends on the target audience hearing what has been said, our basic goal is to be able to provide excellent sound for an event of the right quality.

Our company deals with the sound system of various events, programs and productions, performing the sound tasks of an event. We are technically prepared to make smaller and larger conferences sound. For sounding evenings, meetings or other events.

Our technicians are under constant supervision to ensure that everything at the event runs smoothly. Microphones can be ordered for the event's sound system / sound technology on request.

Microphones for rent

Wired microphones are available that can be mounted on a fixed stand or used in a position where the performer moves within a shorter distance. Of course, wireless microphones are also available. There are manual or clip-on microphones or head microphones that allow the performer free movement.

Loudspeakers are an essential accessory for speakers. With larger or larger active speakers, we can build good quality sound. We recommend active speakers mainly for mobile applications. The advantage is that it has a built-in amplifier, so you only need to connect a microphone or player for the sound system to work properly

Our latest investments include the new family of Trevis Audio, which has brought significant quality changes to the world of our usual sound system.

There are several aspects to be met when announcing events with thousands of people. It is important to consider what kind of event we are sounding, because we do not have to use the same techniques at all. It doesn’t matter if it’s an outdoor event sound system or a conference sound system in a hall. Because what sounds good in an indoor hall can be little at an outdoor event. Depending on these, we can decide what system to build and we can give a price to see how much the event will cost.

Event and event sound technology

We undertake the following events: Conferences and exhibitions, workshops and team building, company dinners and receptions, banquets, class meetings, balls, street balls, school, college, university and house of culture events, sports events, family days, village days, live concerts, weddings . In winter or summer, outdoors or indoors, outdoor or outdoor doesn’t matter to us. We can expect high quality sound in all conditions.

Event sound system prices

At our company, everything is listed or you only have to pay for what you order. Event sound systems can mean even small systems so it is difficult to give sound system prices. 

Please help us tell you what should be heard and how much time it would be. We will try to make a favorable offer first.

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What kind of event sound can be rented?

We can find a solution to every sound problem that arises. If you want to organize an event with sound system you must first determine how many people will attend this event. In light of this, as well as in light of what the performers will be like, we can help you determine what kind of event sound system you need. It doesn’t matter, for example, whether bands perform or are comedians.

With us, you will find all the sound systems you may need, whether for a smaller or a larger event. In our event sound system you will find from active sound systems to line array sound systems, all sound systems that help to make your event well audible.

Anyone who already has an idea of ​​what kind of sound system you want to rent, tell us. We will definitely recommend a system that you will be happy with

What is included in an event sound system price?

Our prices, of course, include the complete installation from on-site delivery to operation and dismantling. Our technical colleagues are there at every point of the event's sound system, already during the construction they make sure that everything is built in a sound system as it is the most flexible and dynamic during the operation of the event. 

There are often excitations, microphone problems, or, in the worst case, when the battery is discharged in a speaker system. Our colleagues use feedback systems to ensure that all problems go smoothly during such an event. They are able to make repairs or shrubs even in the meantime. Thus, students experience the fewest problems if they still occur

What types of events can be requested for event sound?

You can request our event sound system as widely as possible. It could be a conference or smaller events, village days, or commemorations. It can be family events or fashion shows.

The most important thing for us is to be able to offer the right type of sound system for every event. Therefore, you can also trust that we will find what offers you the best in terms of price and technology.

Systems for event sound

Our company will provide the right installation for the right event. That’s why we have smaller analog mixers and, from the largest families, branded band mixers. With our larger digital systems, we can also accommodate consecutive bands and reduce settings for a minimal amount of time.

In sound technology, we always try to provide the latest and most advanced equipment, which is no small challenge, as the technical background can turn enormous even in a few years.

From time to time, for example, we also replace our entire microphone systems so that we can deliver events in accordance with existing regulations. This is very important as a radio microphone operating in the wrong range can cause huge problems.

From our speakers, you can access even the most branded systems through simple little active speakers. In this area, as in all others, we strive to meet the challenges and regularly update our toolbars.

Why choose the El-Vision red event?

We have a youthful team, many, many events left behind, and more than 20 years of event technology history.

We also hold a lot of events on a weekly basis, so we often have to deal with challenges when newer and newer situations arise.

We are flexible and try to solve events with good humor.

Contact us or just ask for a quote.

Event sound system prices

The price of sounding events can be calculated based on several things. We first need to assess or tell the client what sound equipment the particular event requires.

Once we know this, it is important to know the venue and how many sound technicians are needed to run the event. You need a different type of sound system for an opening or exhibition, a speech. And again, a wedding ceremony requires only a different technical background, where, in addition to the speech, a musical background, for example, is also required.

Once we have calculated how the prices of the given event sound system will develop, we try to set our prices so that they are customer-friendly.

Other available services:

Stage rental for event sound system
Interpreter equipment for event sound
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