Conferences, congresses

Event technology for congresses

Our company has extensive experience in serving the technology of international conferences, congresses and assemblies. The event technology of congresses is often a task that needs to be prepared with as event technology as IT knowledge.

For the past almost 20 years, we have participated in Hungarian and International conferences and congresses that have provided our staff with extensive experience.

We will now try to provide some insight into what techniques may be most needed at a conference or congress.

Admission to congresses

At a larger conference or congress, it is common for hundreds to thousands to come.

When delegates arrive, the most important thing is management, which is mostly under the direction of the company organizing the congress. However, if we are talking about thousands of people to deal with, we need to manage their entry and guide them along the way.

We also offer solutions for this With QR code access, with identification

Presentation manager
Presentation manager

Speaker management and lecture management

When our speakers arrive, they need to know who needs to go where and in which room they will have to give a lecture.

To facilitate this, we usually use a central lecture uploader, which is regularly placed next to the registration. This will make it easier for you to be identified at the time of registration when a congressman arrives, and please try this lecture uploader and give up your presentation.

In several cases, it was also the case that delegates could not even be accommodated in one location, so two or even two we had to connect several locations. With great practice, we connect hotel or congress halls so that congress event technology can work together.

Our speaker will deliver the congressional presentation and we will forward it over the congress network built for this purpose to the room where you will have to give your presentation.

Management of congress halls event technology

We are well versed in the operation of congress halls or conference rooms. We are able to run up to several section room conferences at the same time.

As described above, congressional delegates will deliver their presentations, which we will send to the appropriate room. No matter how many sections we plan in each room, there are technicians sitting waiting for the speaker. Once everything has been discussed in the lecture uploader, there is no need for a separate consultation in the room as well. This allows the speaker to stand up and explain.

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