Conference technology

Wireless desktop microphone
Wireless desktop microphone conferencing technology

In this topic, we would like to give visitors a little insight into the most applicable tools in the world of conference technology.

Our company has many years of experience in many conferences and scientific presentations.

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In the field of conference technology, whether it is a meeting at a table with microphones or conference equipment where the conference is in another country, we have everything.

This includes conference equipment, which is discussed separately on our site, such as interpreting technology, voting technique, but other renders exist

Conference technology: Desktop microphone systems

We have two basic types of our desktop microphone systems.

The wired desktop microphone system and the wireless desktop microphone system. It can be said that we use both often, depending on what is to be accomplished.

Wired desktop microphone system
Wired desktop microphone
Wired desktop microphone

In these wired desktop microphone systems, our company uses Sennheiser brand microphones. Both its appearance and sound are professional. Regular server for international delegations, cabinet or business meetings and an essential complement to conference technology

Wireless desktop microphone
Wireless desktop microphone

Wireless desktop microphone systems, also known as conference microphones, can also be found at our company. Wireless systems are very elegant and provide excellent sound from the battery, even wirelessly. We use the BOSCH brand in these systems, which is suitable for almost all devices in conference technology

Video conferencing systems for conference technology

Well-used and proven systems are skype Zoom and other similar platforms. These have now become an everyday part of conference technology. However, we often encounter the problem that certain negotiations need to be encrypted.

In such cases, devices may be required in which the devices are directly related to each other.

Video conferencing technology
Video conferencing technology

The picture shows a cisco system that can be used to establish a direct connection between two clients. This can be especially important if you are looking for a conferencing device that can solve encryption.

Complementing platforms

As mentioned in the previous topic, the use of platforms that connect people with image and sound has become commonplace. There are a lot of free and many paid services. This should also be properly selected so that a conference can be presented to our partners as much as possible.

Now we would like to mention how these interfaces can be supplemented with conference technology tools.

Essentially, whether it’s a conference or desktop microphone, an interpreter system, or a voting system, everything can be sent with either skype, zoom, or other interfaces. El-Vision Ltd. it has all the conferencing tools that help us connect other participants with these mentioned tools.

Since we could write a lot about it, we would rather describe what you mean and we will try to implement it:

Voting technique

Our company has been dealing with voting technical systems for conferences and conference technical devices for about 10 years.

We have several large clients who are known to everyone and we work with names that every private person meets. Be it a simple Yes, no, from voting to stock market voting, they stand in all respects.

In the recent period, we have held several general meetings, re-election elections, and general meetings in the online space as well. One by one, our clients expected us to connect the conference technique to the online voting space so that we could get accurate data that could be recorded and countersigned by a lawyer. You can read more about these on our voting technique page.

Interpreting technology simultaneous interpretation

One of our commitments closely related to conference technology is interpreter technology and interpreter equipment systems.

With these systems, we can not only provide interpretation at offline events, but we can also connect simultaneous interpretation and simultaneous interpreters online.

Our interpreter equipment works with the latest Conference technical equipment, reliable and with high precision and operation.

You can read more about this on the interpreting technology page.

Conference technology and microphone systems

Although there has been a lot of talk about thousands of conference technology devices, it is still important to be aware of what other devices can be requested.

As you can see on our event audio page, wired and wireless conferencing accessories are also available.

Pulpit microphones, microports, handheld or tripod microphones.

We can operate them all in one unit, as our company only buys professional equipment.

Operation of rooms equipped with conference technology

There are also several conference rooms in Hungary that are equipped with professional conference technical equipment. We often find that there is no suitable professional to operate these devices.

As the main profile of this Vision Kft is conference technology, we undertake the operation of these rooms even in hourly service.

What does this service consist of? During the ordered period, we will provide a technician who will operate the Conference technical equipment equipped by you with full competence. Whether it's a press conference, an international meeting, or serving delegations. Our company currently has served in 6 buildings with XNUMX similar task circles.

If you contact us, we will be happy to publish the references of these places, which can be found mainly in Budapest. 

Should you request on-site technical operation, Whether in a hotel, conference room or any technical operation, We will provide a technician who is appropriately trained in both technology and knowledge of foreign languages. We also have many years of experience in the technical service of luxury hotels, so we know exactly what needs may arise.

Live broadcast with conference technology
Projection technology is essential for conference technology