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Led wall rental

In our range you will find high-quality event LED walls that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Are you thinking of renting a Led wall or building it? We help

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4K led wall at a conference #Corinthia Hotel Budapest #

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LED wall rental is in all cases a fully-fledged project, which includes all other equipment necessary for operation through the operating technician. We try to meet both the usual and the extreme needs. You can rent devices of several sizes and resolutions! We bring and carry the devices, install them and take care of their supervision.

We recommend these LED walls or video walls with state-of-the-art technology, developed especially for strong lights (such as outdoor events), especially for events that move large crowds.

When using them, depending on the individual conditions (pixel distance), a certain field of view must be taken into account. General rule: the minimum visibility in meters is equal to the pixel distance of the LED wall in mm, so if you are thinking of renting an LED wall, give us a call.

There are several types of LED techniques. Outdoor led wall- and indoor led wall category, in addition to indoor LED walls traditional and lightweight (transparent)

Led wall rental outdoors

These video boards can be used both indoors and outdoors. The construction time of the equipment depends on the size of the surface to be created and the method of installation. It is important to know that for operation, it is necessary to provide adequate supply voltage, and in case of renting a led wall, it is also necessary to take into account the cost of this. For example, if there is no on-site aggregator can be assigned.

They can be suspended, for example, on an aluminum traverse or on a separately ordered pedestal (eg on a stage or on a walking surface).

Led wall rental indoors

Led wall rental
Led wall rental

Indoor LED walls differ mainly in their brightness from outdoor ones and in the fact that they are not so resistant to extreme weather conditions. And one of the most important features is that their resolution is also better.

Indoors, our company encourages the rental of a P2 led wall, although in this case the distance between the LEDs is 2mm, which results in a needle-sharp projection on a larger surface. In case of indoor led wall rental in this case it is 100% that you will be satisfied with the requested service.

Banner led wall rental

A transparent or even transparent led wall is one of the led types that can make your event very spectacular.

If you want to see what is behind it, use it as a show element or just want to rent something new, a transparent led wall

transparent led wall rental
transparent led wall rental

Indoor or outdoor led wall? Why doesn't it matter?

We distinguish between indoor and outdoor led walls. To make it easier to understand, we help you understand what the difference is between an outdoor and an indoor LED wall.

The biggest difference between the walls is the resolution.

Even on a larger surface, a larger surface may appear up to 10 meters wide and 5 meters high, while it is not possible or necessarily advisable to place a surface of this size. In LED walls, the distance between the LEDs determines its resolution.

For example, a P2 led wall, where the LEDs are two mm apart, gives a beautiful mirror-smooth image even at a lower resolution. However, if I want to build the same image size with a P6 LED wall where the LEDs are 6mm apart, I get a much more pixel foot and uglier image.

That is why our first question is always whether I want to use that LED wall indoors or outdoors. We will then determine what they need and we will tailor our quote to this.

Led wall rental what is included?

Our whiteboard rental includes all the items you need to run your event. In all cases, it includes delivery, construction, operation and demolition, transportation.

We supply video mixers and tools according to your technical needs, I'm going I will give you the most impressive look at your event.

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