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Internet online voting

Online voting
Online voting Online general meeting

El-Vision Ltd. offers an Internet online voting, The online voting participant we offer can participate individually and for similar or voting machine voting. Online weighted voting is now available from us.

Write us the or contact us on +36208086082, where we will try to help you immediately.

How is our online voting different from each other’s online voting system?

Our platform is fully accessible from all browsers - no application required.

We can do all this with a voting machine and all on a web interface.

We have enterprise-class software and services to keep your organization secure and verifiable votes and electionsat, general meetings be able to conduct transactions that allow you to track, verify and identify

Data handling
The more voter information you provide (e.g., Personal, Department, Demographics) - the more insight you can provide. 
Rest assured, we treat this information with the utmost care.
Our team can support you in everything from consultation on voting structure and voter notification strategy to certification of results and monitoring of audibility.
Third party inspections
External security consultants regularly perform system vulnerability checks.
Secure voting
The El-Vision flyer with secure authentication mechanisms, anonymity options and more 
it has many more

What does online voting provide?

Customize your vote
  • Anonymity options (anonymous voting)
  • Weighted vote (joint stock companies, bar associations, etc.)
  • Determination of quorum
  • Markings
  • Single sign-on
  • Filter votes
  • Question filtering
  • IP restriction
  • Voter authentication
  • Analysis of real-time participation
  • Verified results
  • Voter notification services
  • Manage your voting list
  • Password management

How does weighted online voting work?

You can assign weight to each person. Select the appropriate percentage or point value and we will help you calculate it. The results are automatically added according to the set weights and displayed as a percentage or point value.

What do we recommend weighted online voting for?

To monitor the votes of partners or shareholders based on their actual percentage of ownership.

On the basis of voting by homeowners in square meters in a condominium building or housing association.

How to use the system?

  1. Voting interface step by step after login

When the president tells them to vote, the browser must be UPDATED first.

Then on the ACTIVE interface a VOTE to start voting.

Online internet voting
Online internet voting

2. Casting my vote and a SUBMIT (submit button)

Online internet voting
Online internet voting

3. In the next window

It is necessary to check the vote cast Parcipant under consent, check box acknowledging the following: By ticking this box, you will electronically sign and certify that you are a member of the Commission listed above.

SUBMIT (submit)

Online internet voting
Online internet voting

4. A confirmation window will appear confirming that your vote has been cast.

Press GO TO DASHBOARD to return to the main menu for the next vote

Online internet voting
Online internet voting