QR code based entry and registration system with automatic badge printing

Professional QR code based guest registration and access.

Qr code event entry
Qr code event entry

Registration, entry and follow-up of participants in conferences, corporate meetings and exhibitions, regardless of size, simply and reliably. Register up to thousands of guests with a minimum number of hostesses. The system is fully customizable and available online. Tailor-made system rental constructions: from providing an independent software system to providing complete software hardware (QR code readers, laptops, printers).

Qr code entry, automatic badge printing
Qr code entry


Badge printing
Badge printing

Concert admission

We also provide admission for smaller and larger concerts for thousands of people. We read the sent out tickets with a prepared laser scanner, which ensures fast entry for thousands of people. The system manages the registrants at the same time, so registration can be done on our site or on an external site when entering the concert.

For concert admission, the readers at the entrance gate read at high speed, avoiding long lines.

It is also possible to add unique features to the ticket, such as VIP for the concert or a gala dinner for the concert.

QR code tproperties and functions

Customizable interface
An online administration interface for staff can be designed according to user needs
Maximum compatibility with existing participant registration methods (Online update option, import from other online and ofline systems, Excel, etc.)
Multi point structure
Possibility to create several registration places
Unique badge and ticket
Badge size and content (text and image) to suit individual needs. Personal ticket printing for various services.
QR code readers
Read and print hardware QR code and mobile phone based QR code
Send QR code
QR code can be sent by email, ticket creation
Guest information
Personalized notifications at check-in (You may be asked to go to a slide station, indicate that you have not paid yet, etc.)


Real-time monitoring of guest arrival and event entry

 On-site printing


Badge that can be printed at login or earlier

VIP notification


VIP notification (Notifies when a VIP person has arrived)



Event entry with authorization check (eg lunch, dinner entry registration, payment check)

Mobile application


Functions that can be used from a mobile phone (access, printing, exhibitor data collection)

 Electronic business card


Exhibitor business card collection function with mobile application (Exhibitors can request the guest's electronic business card by reading the QR code of the badge with a mobile phone)

Usage areas

Before the event

Registration management


Register of registered guests

 Contact with the guest


email a badge with a personal QR code.

During an event

On-site badge printing


printing a custom badge or badge and ticket at the guest's check-in (the guest reads the QR code he or she prints or reads it directly from the mobile display)

On-site registration

On-site registration of guests without pre-registration in the system

Admission to events


By reading the QR code on the badge, the guest confirms that he is entitled to the given service, lunch, dinner

Proof of participation


Guests can confirm their participation in each event by reading the QR code.

Electronic business card


Exhibitors, with the approval of guests, use a mobile app to read a guest’s QR code. The electronic business cards collected in this way can be saved by the exhibitors themselves.


After the event

Manage statistics
Statistics can be retrieved from the data generated during the event.