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Referring to our telephone conversation, please fill out the order and describe exactly what we discussed orally.

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The fee for our services does not include VAT! In addition to the net amount, 27% VAT will be charged.
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1. The date of service is valid on the date indicated above. All other return dates must be agreed individually. 2. The parties shall jointly verify the proper functioning of the leased equipment and the complete presence of the accessories upon handover. 3. The customer can pay the service fee by 8-day transfer. 4. The Customer is obliged to use the leased device professionally, for which he can request training from the Service Provider, and is liable for any damages and errors that occur during the term of the lease. Improper use of the equipment may result in an error in the course of the event, for which the Service Provider is not responsible. 5. The Service Provider undertakes to replace or repair the equipment that has failed during the rental period as soon as possible, preferably within half an hour - but does not take any financial responsibility for any technical errors that occur. The Service Provider will not charge the defective device - if the repair is unsuccessful or it is not possible to replace the device - at the daily net price indicated above, on the defective day on the final account, in case the device is no longer used on that day and the Customer informs about it. You will notify the Service Provider at the e-mail address error@el-vision.hu within half an hour after the failure. The Customer acknowledges that it cannot claim a larger discount against the Service Provider. 6. A defective performance is considered to be an event if, due to a technical error of the Service Provider or a human problem, an event cannot be continued within half an hour, ie it fails. It does not count as a defective performance if the event continues at the request of the Customer and does not entitle the Customer to a discount if the event continues after repair at the request of the Customer. 7. The Customer shall not be liable for defects that occur during demonstrably professional use. 8. We would like to inform you that the above-mentioned services are max. It can be canceled without financial consequences 8 days before the start of the work. If the services are canceled 5 days before the event or later, 100%, if canceled 6-8 days before the start of work, a penalty of 50% is required. 9. The Customer acknowledges that in case of late payment, the Service Provider will charge twice the central bank base rate valid at the time of the delay as default interest. 10. Failure to meet deadlines may result in legal recovery to a third party.
Aware of my criminal liability, I declare that I will not withdraw the order agreed on the phone and placed here on the data request page, and by accepting the above GTC, I declare that I have read and fulfilled it!