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Live stream
Live broadcast, live broadcast, live facebook broadcast

Live broadcast, live broadcast, media streaming. Internet broadcasting of events. Online conference broadcasting. We helped you in virtual or online form

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Custom designed olnline for presentations, online conference background. You figure out what we should be and write your unique visual studio. You can find online event and innovative technologies with us.

You can watch a live online performance virtual studio presentation here or even on Facebook. 

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Information for live streaming and online events:

1 Does the chosen venue where you want to hold an online conference have adequate bandwidth?

  • Upload for an online conference min 30Mbps- 720p video (just facebook or
  • you tube online event, live)  60Mbps- or above 1080p or so Full-HD
  • If you do not have one, we will give you a separate offer for several sim card relay devices, which will provide this with a 4G connection. These tools are put to the test every day at online events and conferences.
Live Broadcast Online Event
Live Broadcast Online Event
Live broadcast Online streamer
Live broadcast Online streamer

2 What platform do I want a live broadcast or online conference on? They often ask those who want to hold an online conference. Some example:

  • Facebook - free (max 720p online conference live video broadcast)
  • You tube - free (max 720p online conference live video broadcast)
  • Vimeo - paid (max 1080p live broadcast, live chat, voting) real interactive online conference
  • Hopin - paid (max 1080p live broadcast, live chat, voting)
  • Own event platform, own design

3 What extra items might be needed for an online event?

  • Cameras with one or more cameras, static, or cameraman are required
  • Light and sound technology may be required in both studios and offices
  • Led wall, frameless tv other background elements. 

We offer this service to our customers who want to make their live or pre - recorded video or audio available to several users on the Internet at the same time. Order for webcasting now.

Stream Video

Live stream
Live broadcast, live broadcast, live facebook broadcast

Pre-recorded broadcasts with live streaming server (Video / Audio On Demand)

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If you have a longer sound or If you want to make your videos available to the general public, all you have to do is copy the video / audio files to our servers, and the rest will be taken care of by our staff.

Live coverage of an event or olnline performances can be anything. We help you plan your online event.

The advantage is that users do not have to download the entire movie / audio material to their machine, the broadcast can start immediately.

Our team was able to react immediately to the current health situation, as we have been dealing with online live internet broadcasts for more than 14 years. With the help of this, we can broadcast live conferences, conversations and trainings online without the need for the participant to be in one place, in one airspace.
Viewers have been connected to our broadcasts from their office and home so far, but now, with our new service, performers can remotely connect to the conversation or hold their performances. And we cut and mix live sound and image from our own studio.

And why is it useful to do an online conference like this?

  • Viewers do not need to install any client programs to watch the broadcast and live broadcast.
  • You can also embed the image of the webcast online in your own unique website.
  • The platform can be custom design or one of the popular social platforms (YouTube or Facebook Live Zoom, Teams, Hopin, etc.)
  • We can still display any presentation (PowerPoint, Pdf, etc.) in broadcasts, demo any software, share any screen content that makes the live broadcast unique and interesting.
  • We can produce custom backgrounds for captions and design for every webcast.
  • We invariably use corporate image elements, logos, graphics, subtitles (artist's name, title, etc.) and we can play any video content, we can also vote or poll.

Even more technical details for creating a webcast and live broadcast, live conference:

Internet bandwidth for live broadcasting, Internet streaming

The first question to set up a live broadcast or online conference is always whether there is enough internet bandwidth on site to broadcast where a stable, reliable internet connection is required. In our case, the upload speed is the most important parameter that must reach 6 Mbs (megabits per second) to process HD broadcasts. At the place of transmission, if possible, we prefer a local wired internet connection. However, if this is not possible, we use a mobile 4G network, but its speed depends on the local mobile network. If even this is not enough, we can provide a mobile multi-card device that reaches 8 mobile towers at the same time, and thus it is guaranteed that the live broadcast and online conference will reach the viewers in HD quality flawlessly.

What platform should I choose for online conferencing?

For live online presentations and conferences, we choose platforms that have proven many times that they perform reliably even under heavy load, e.g. 

  • Facebook
  • Youtube 
  • Vimeo
  • Hopi
  • Zoom
  • Skype

If you describe what kind of live broadcast, you are organizing an online conference, we will help you with the cheapest and most ideal solutions. Since we do live performances several times a week, we also help with platforms with great experience. 

Technical equipment for live broadcasts

Our company only works with cameras with professional tools (we are not a team of webcam solutions) 

We have 4K cameras with professional tripods, video mixers, sound mixers, micro ports, lamps and everything else you may need.

We guarantee that the live broadcast of the online conference will be handled with the best solutions.

Conference broadcasting online

Conference of one or more speakers, broadcasting of a presentation with several cameras, streaming of a presentation. We are virtualizing the lecture hall.

Live login 

Single-camera live broadcast standup, or e.g. for company announcements, for one-person events, with microphone, additional lighting.

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