Stage technology

Stage rental from modular elements

Stage rental
Stage rental, design, construction

In addition to renting the stage, El-Vision Kft. Undertakes the planning and construction of the stage for smaller events and larger events, which can be searched for as stage technology.

When renting a stage, they are made up of GUIL brand stages, which are made up of modular elements to configure any stage, from big festivals to small events. Made of aluminum and birch panels, all platforms can be used outdoors.

High-resistance modular floor with water-repellent and fire-retardant treatment, certified up to a load of 1200 kg / m2 (12 KN / m2), non-slip surface and sealed edges.

TM440 platforms offer the best solution for any event, from small floor tiles to large stages, can be used in various configurations for permanent (indoor) and temporary installations (concerts, theaters, auditoriums, podiums, catwalks, conservatories, grandstands, decorations, etc.).

Thanks to its weather-resistant 100% birch planks and reinforced aluminum structure, the pallets are perfect for outdoor use, stage rental. The combination of all these features makes our rental stages a very practical element for any event that requires high load resistance with quick and easy assembly.

Stage rental
Stage rental, planning

Our full range of stage technical services includes stage design and construction.

Based on your stage rental needs, we will accurately implement your ideas for the stage and stage coverage or help you design a stage structure of the right size and load capacity.

In addition to renting stage equipment, we also provide the following services to our customers:

  • stage design, stage rental, scaling
  • stage coverage design, sizing
  • quotation
  • coordination of stage and other event technical elements
  • delivery of rented stage elements to the site
  • stage and stage coverage
  • on-site construction and assembly of its structures
  • disassembly and return of leased stage technical equipment

What kind of event can you rent a stage for?

When renting a stage, we first need to know whether you want to rent a stage indoors or outdoors. Of course, it can be solved for both locations.

It is important to know that it does not matter, for example, that only one performer would be standing on the rented stage or that a car would be displayed on it.

Since our stages are heavy-duty, both are possible.

If I rent a stage, what will it cover?

Our stage itself is a brown wooden surface with a waterproof and non-slip surface.

We usually use two types of covers:

  • Stage rental carpeted
  • Stage rental with grabber

What do these mean:

When someone wants to rent a stage, such as for a fashion show or a conference, it often happens that the customer asks on the carpet. In this case, you can submit your request to us for this, and we will deliver it at the same time.

For example, when someone wants to see outdoors, a band, or a band on stage, it’s better to have a linoleum surface that’s clean and elegant. That's what the rattle is for!

How tall can a rented stage be?

Many ask how tall a stage element they rent can be. When renting a stage, we consider whether you want to rent a stage indoors or outdoors. When building an indoor stage, for example, if you take it into a hotel or conference room, it may be enough to build a 20, 40, 60 cm stage.

Even outdoor stages, for example, can reach up to two meters. The height of the stages that can be rented from El-Vision Kft can be ordered from 20 cm to 2 meters. It is worth determining in advance how many stairs you want to put on such a stage. We build our stairs every 20 cm.

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