Interpreter Headphones

Interpreter headset interpreter equipment

With an interpreter's ear
With an interpreter's ear

The interpreter headset is one of the most important components of the interpreter equipment. when someone requires interpreter equipment, they should assure their guests that they will hear the translation spoken. 

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Our company considers it a priority to provide a professional look to the guests appearing at your event. And since the interpreter headset is necessary for the interpreting equipment, our company delivers it at the same time. 

If someone has used an interpreter technique then they know that these devices need to be plugged into the interpreter receiver and such headphones provide comfortable comfortable wear all day long.

These interpreter headphones are equipped with a separate ear pad so they allow us to clean and replace them. As part of the interpreter equipment, the simultaneous interpreter also wears such or similar headphones when installing the interpreter technology. 

When you have ordered interpreting technology for hundreds of people, we deliver it with an interpreter headset. 

Interpreter headphone features

Lightweight headphones with high quality sound reproduction
Interchangeable ear pads
Also available with standard and durable cable
Solid, cleanable ear pads available separately

  • 32 ohms per earphone
  • 50 Hz to 20 kHz (-10 dB)
  • 98 dB SPL / 1 mW per earphone / earphone
  • Carbon black (PH 10736) and silverKey features

Interpreter headphones fother functions

These headphones can also be equipped with cleanable ear pads.

Cleanable ear pads
• 1,3 m long 3,5 mm gold-plated rectangular stereo jack cable

Technical specifications

Electrical characteristics

  • 50 mW
  • Impedance Audio Frequency Transmission Maximum Power Sensitivity (1 kHz)

Mechanical characteristicsők

  • 70 g
  • Crowd Painting

Interpreter headset ordering information

LBB 3443/00 lightweight headphones
LBB 3443/10 lightweight headphones with durable cable
Hardware accessories
LBB 3443/50 sponge ear pads suitable for LBB 3443 (50 pairs)
spongy spare ear pads
HDP-LWSP solid ear pads suitable for LBB 3443 (50 pairs)
cleanable spare ear pads

How is it related to the interpreting equipment?

Simultaneous interpreting equipment is not an automatic interpreting equipment. Essentially, it looks like someone is speaking into the microphone, its voice being delivered to the interpreter’s ear. When the simultaneous interpreter hears the spoken information about the stage, he immediately begins to translate it into another language, through the interpreter equipment. He translates his translation into the interpreter's switched-on microphone, which is collected and broadcast digitally by the Interpreter Center. 

The digital interpreter receives the digital signal transmitted in this way back to analog audio. This allows the listener to select how many channels they want to listen to. An interpreter headset is connected to this interpreter receiver.

The operation of the interpreter equipment is always supervised and operated by a technician. The simultaneous interpreter and the interpreter technician work closely together on the success of the event. For example, when something is inaudible or invisible, the simultaneous interpreter signals to the technician who helps the simultaneous interpreter to do his job smoothly. 

Each interpreter booth has two interpreter desks to help the two main simultaneous interpreters work alternately. They usually alternate every 20 minutes. When this time has elapsed, the newly logged in interpreter turns on the interpreter’s desk, which enters a waiting position. And when the other interpreter leaves the channel, the next interpreter counter will arm and the simultaneous interpreter will be switched.