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What we want for simultaneous interpretation
What we want is simultaneous interpretation
Please describe the type of event you are looking for a simultaneous interpreter for.
Please, if requested, please indicate below how many will be in total at the event and how many people you would like to apply for.
Please write a few lines that will help you submit your technical offer. For example, how many will there be in total, how many of them will we ask for interpreting equipment, etc.

What do the interpreter fees depend on?

Simultaneous interpreting prices depend greatly on the nature of the event and exactly what and how we want to interpret. Let's not forget that simultaneous interpretation is also a service that greatly determines the quality of our event. That is why we could say that the simultaneous interpretation prices are in line with the event prices. Why do we say this? Because if, for example, there are 200 people sitting at our event who are listening to simultaneous interpretation, the cost of the event is divided into 200 immediately.

All in all, we can say that the prices of simultaneous interpreters can increase from up to HUF 70 to several hundred thousand forints. Interpreters may also need to be traveled or accommodated.

What language simultaneous interpreter available?

In which languages ​​can we interpret simultaneously or undertake consecutive interpreting? We would rather turn the issue back to our customers, as so far there has been no event that we could not have solved.

When we are asked to translate a lecture, discussion consecutively, or with simultaneous interpretation, a lot of language pairs can arise. Thanks to our international connections, we can offer interpreters for any foreign language. Obviously, interpreter fees can also depend on this.

How can we solve this? Unless otherwise stated, we will travel to the site for simultaneous interpreters. Obviously, the question arises, how much will the cost of simultaneous interpretation cost then?

In such a situation, we provide our clients in advance with an offer that includes the interpreter's travel, accommodation or anything necessary for our simultaneous interpreter to rest and be prepared to do their job.

Online interpreting

Recently, we have come across more and more of the term online interpreting. What it means and how to implement it.

Our company has recently come across more and more frequent requests that an interpreter cannot or just is not recommended to come to the scene.

There are many interfaces where we can solve online interpreting. Of course, for this we must first know the needs of the event and the service platform. It helps a lot when someone tells you how, imagines the course of the event.

Online interpreting is not something that cannot be done. Find what and we will give you a price for your event.