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Interpreter booth systems

Interpreter booth
Interpreter booth

The interpreting booth (s) manufactured by El-Vision Kft. Comply with the currently accepted EU standards. The interpreting booth consists of soundproof walls and an aluminum frame. It also comes with two fans. Available in two sizes:

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By installation:
Fixed installation
Installation installation
Equipped with safety glass
Equipped with plexiglass Weight: 90 kg

Interpreter booth
Interpreter booth

Built-in interpreter booth

Mobile interpreting system

The interpreting booth has a suitable ventilation system, which plays a major role in enabling interpreters to work in the right conditions. At the top of the interpreting booth are two fixed fans, which are equipped with a quiet motor, so it does not distract and at the same time ensures the exchange of the right amount of air.

Built interpreting booth

In the picture above we can see the cabins built into the Mercedes-Benz conference room in Kecskemét.

For a fixed installation, we can make either color or size changes according to the RAL color scale.
Our interpreting booth can be built easily and quickly in any room by a single person. This is an advantage for companies that rent interpreting equipment. The installation time of the interpreting booth is approx. 3-5 minutes, and disassembly takes approx. 2-3 minutes. No tools are required for installation.

We provide a full supply of parts for the interpreting booth.

We provide a structural warranty for all products for 1 year. If the damage to the interpreting booth is due to improper transport, the warranty is void.

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How does interpretation work in practice?

Simultaneous interpreting equipment is not an automatic interpreting equipment. Essentially, it looks like someone is talking into the microphone, its sound is being delivered to the interpreter’s ear. When the simultaneous interpreter hears the spoken information about the stage, he immediately starts translating it into another language. He translates his translation into the interpreter's switched-on microphone, which is collected and broadcast digitally by the Interpreter Center. 

The digital interpreting receiver converts the digital signal thus transmitted back into analog audio. This allows the listener to select how many channels they want to listen to. 

The operation of the interpreter equipment is always supervised and operated by a technician. The simultaneous interpreter and the interpreter technician work closely together on the success of the event. For example, when something is inaudible or invisible, the simultaneous interpreter signals to the technician who helps the simultaneous interpreter to do his job smoothly. 

Each interpreter booth has two interpreter desks to help the two main simultaneous interpreters work alternately. They usually alternate every 20 minutes. When this time has elapsed, the newly logged in interpreter turns on the interpreter’s desk, which enters a waiting position. And when the other interpreter leaves the channel, the next interpreter counter will arm and the simultaneous interpreter will be switched.

How much space do you need and what do I need?

Interpreter booths are delivered to events in disassembled sheets. As the weight is Hundreds of pounds It is therefore important to know by prior arrangement where to transport this cabin.

Based on preliminary consultations, we know how many people can deliver this device there. The tightly connected part of the interpreter equipment is the interpreter booth, which takes about an hour to assemble. 

If you want to request an interpreter booth for your event, you need to know if it will fit. an interpreter booth measures 1,6 meters by 1,6 meters. Therefore, we usually recommend that the organization of events then count at least two meters for the interpreter's booth. At the height of an interpreter booth connected to the interpreter equipment is 2 meters.

A total of two main simultaneous interpreters can work in an interpreter booth, which is also accepted in the European Union. This is very important because simultaneous interpreters alternate every 20 minutes. 

If you need an EU event with three simultaneous interpreters in a booth, this is also possible. Ask for our offer in this regard.

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