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Rental of tour guide and audio guide systems

A city tour for a group trip with a joint program with friends or protocol events such as a building handover is a great help if you have a tour guide or audio guide system. If we rent such a system, these events will be enjoyable, as the tour guide or interpreter can easily lead our group with the help of the tour guide system.

How do we imagine using a tour guide system? The tour guide system requires speaking into a microphone and everyone can hear it within 100 meters. Although renting the system costs money, it greatly helps the quality of our event.

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Rental of foreign driver and tourguide systems. Interpreting equipment
Rental of foreign driver and tourguide systems. Interpreting equipment

How can the tour guide system help you rent?

When we want to go 40-50 or more people at a time, it’s hard to make someone talk out loud and be heard by everyone.

Therefore, the use of these adudio or interpreter systems with the help of an earphone helps to make the guide audible to everyone.

In addition, these systems are designed so that everyone can adjust the volume individually. Our company offers several tour guide and audioguide systems for rent, which serve serious business events or simple groups of friends. 

Rental of foreign driver and tourguide systems. Interpreting equipment
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What is the nature of the signal transmission?

Together, these systems use FM, or radio signal transmission, which helps us move away from our guide or interpreter by tens of meters, even indoors. In open space, the connection can be up to 100 meters away. 

What we recommend:

  • Sightseeing
  • Factory visit
  • Hiking
  • Group visits to museums
  • Guided tours

Our company bases its operation on professional services, therefore we also have access to simple FM systems or professional infra-interpreter systems. If you need a more serious system, you can also request high-security infrared transmission systems, which we can install in a portable or fixed solution according to your needs.

These systems can be used to provide an interpretation room or conference room with interpretation. Tour guide and audio guide systems Of course can be used for easier interpretation But they do not replace simultaneous interpreting equipment in conference rooms.

The tour guide systems that can be rented at our company are both multi-channel, therefore they provide the possibility to run multilingual or several smaller groups at the same time.

For example, if there are two native language groups in our group, for example an English and a German group, we can lead our group in the city at the same time with an English and a German guide on two separate channels.

Many people ask that these systems can be used, for example, inside buses. And we can say that they can really use them with absolute peace, since in many cases they take visitors around by bus. tour guide systems also take their place on such bus visits. This time we can even use pre-programmable audio guide systems.

If you do not know what system you need, we will help you:

  • Tourguide system
  • Audio guide system
  • Cabin interpreting system

What is the difference between a tour guide and an interpreter system?

The tourguide system is basically a one-way communication device. when someone uses a rummaged system, for example, the tour guide speaks into the microphone what the students hear. an important consideration is that only those who wear ears will hear it, so if someone joins the tour, for example, an uninvited guest will not hear it.

An important aspect is that we use either a tour guide or an audio guide system, due to the range, our students can be 50-100 meters away. Therefore, this system is suitable for visiting, for example, a factory facility or a museum. And the other is also important that its operation is not stationary due to its radio connection.

Many people confuse it with interpreter systems but tourguide Although it can be used in part, it does not qualify as an interpreter system. Our company deals with Bosch interpreter systems, Which means cabin interpreter systems. In this case, simultaneous interpreters sit in the cabin who take turns every 20 minutes. This service, however, is stationary, ie it only works in the given room.

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