Transmitter interpreting equipment

Simultaneous interpreting center
Simultaneous interpreting center

The transmitter can transmit a maximum of 4, 8, 16, or 32 audio channels
DCN can be used with Next Generation or analog systems (such as CCS 800)
Channels and audio quality modes can be flexibly configured for efficient signal transmission
It can be configured via the transmitter and system display with a single rotary pushbutton

The transmitter is a central element of the Integrus system. It receives analog and digital input signals, which it converts into carriers and then transmits them to the radiators installed in the room.
Főbb functionsók
• As an additional mode, it transmits music through all channels during pauses
• Slave mode, which can be used to transmit signals sent by another transmitter, thus allowing multiple rooms to be served
• Test mode, which creates a different audio frequency for each input / channel so that the volume gradually increases as you cross the channels
• Adjustable sensitivity inputs to fine tune sound levels
• Built-in mini infrared emitter for sound control
• Radiation and system status indication via display
• The installer can assign unique names to the transmitters so that they can be easily identified in a system with multiple transmitters
• The installer can also assign unique names to audio channels. These names can be selected from a list or entered manually
• Automatic transmission of alarm messages on all channels
• Automatic standby / power on function
• Automatic synchronization with different channels used in the DCN system

• Can be used anywhere in the world thanks to the universal network connection option
• Attractive 19 ″ (2U) housing for desktop or rack mounting
• Handles for easy transport
You handle itőorgans éand signőféneck
• 2 x 16-character LCD display to display status information and configure the transmitter
• Rotary knob to navigate menus and perform configuration
• Main switch on the front panel

Joinámany (the jeltovábbító háawningán)
• Euro mains plug
• Slot for audio data bus connector (H 15, socket) for receiving the LBB 3422/20 symmetrical audio channel input and interpreter module

2 | INT-TX Transmitters

• 4, 8, 16 or 32-pin RCA connector for receiving asymmetric audio signals
• Two XLR sockets for receiving symmetrical signals of room sound, alarm message or music
• A distribution socket for transmitting alarm messages on all channels
• 3,5 mm stereo headphone jack for checking input signals and channels
• A BNC connector to receive an HF signal sent by another transmitter
• Six BNC connectors for transmitting the HF signal to up to 30 radiators
• Two optical network connectors for connection within the DCN Next Generation system *
• LBB 4416 / xx series optical network cable required

Mechanical characteristicsők
Dimensions (height x width x depth) for table use, with legs
For 19 ”rack cabinet with brackets
in front of the brackets
behind the brackets
(without frame, with legs)

92 x 440 x 410 mm (3,6 x 17,3 x 16,1 ")
88 x 483 x 410 mm (3,5 x 19 x 16,1 ")
40 mm (1,6 ")
370 mm (14,6 ")
6,8 kg (15,0 lbs)
mounting frame for 19 ″ rack cabinet or table mounting Removable foot for table, free-standing use
Carbon black (PH 10736) with silver

It belongsébun
Quantity- Part noész ség
1 INT-TX infrared transmitter
1 Mounting frame for 19 ″ rack cabinet, removable legs and accessories
relay kit included
1 System Installation and Operation Manual on CD-ROM
1 Network cable
Műtechnical specációk Electrical characteristicsők
Supply voltage
90-260 V, 50-60 Hz

Power consumption 
operation, maximum55 W
standby29 W
Asymmetric audio channel input- +3 dBV rated, +6 dBV maximum threads (± 6 dB) +15 dBV rated, +18 dBV maximum (± 6 dB)
Symmetrical audio channel inputsBetween +6 and +18 dBV, nominal
Emergency contactemergency control input
Headphone outputBetween 32 ohms and 2 kohm
HF inputrated 1 Vpp, minimum 10 mVpp, 75 ohm

Orderési információ

  • INT-TX04 4 channelsás transmitter

4 channels

  • INT-TX08 8 channelsásadó

8 channels

  • INT-TX16 16 channelsásadó

16 channels

  • INT-TX32 32 channelsásadó

32 channels
Hardware includedébun
LBB 3422/20 symmetrical sound channel - LBB3422 / 20 input és dustács module
It is used to connect the transmitter and CCS 800 speaker systems to the LBB 3222/04 six-channel interpreter station equipped with a loudspeaker.

HF output

1 Vpp, 6 V DC, 75 ohms