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Projection equipment, projector rental, but what? You would need some bigger display… .. but not really familiar with what would be the best and cheapest.

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And now we are trying to guide you through what it would be good to rent. Based on usability, we separate the projector rental and the rental of frameless TVs

In our world today, many times when we hear that someone wants to rent a projector and ask what place, for what event, it turns out that it is not so much a projector that can be considered. In many cases, it is enough to rent a larger TV, or even a frameless TV, but in many cases, renting a led wall may be possible. You can find out more about Led wall rental here.

Projector Rental and Projection Technology

Our appropriate projection technology is suitable for serving both dark and light rooms. You can choose from smaller and larger installation projectors that can make the visual nature of an event an experience.

During our screenings, it depends only on the customer's ideas what you want to display on the screen. The size of an image you want to project can also vary. Among our canvases you can find the 21,5m from the 6thUp to 5m to normal canvas.

Our Installation Projectors are available from 2000 ANSI to 30000 ANSI brightness.

It is a very important aspect during an event that the projection is of good quality (projection technique). Various units / video splitter, Vga Splitter, Vga switcher, etc./ are used for this purpose. By using these systems, it is easy to ensure that performers do not have to pay attention to the canvas behind them, but to a monitor placed in front of them that is only visible to him.

In several cases, we raise the atmosphere of the conference by broadcasting the speaker with a camera. With such a solution, even those sitting in the back can see the face of the performer.

There are many opportunities in the field of projection technology, which means taking advantage of today's techniques. It is also possible to rent video walls or LED walls.

Frameless TV rental Projection equipment

Why rent a frameless TV? The surface composed of 47 ″ or 55 ″ elements forms a homogeneous image due to the 2-2 mm boundaries,. With its classy, ​​elegant appearance and dynamic image quality, it offers a stunning sight.

The panels are freely configurable, so if you are thinking of frameless TV rental, e.g. multi-element contiguous surface, column, scattered panels, strip, etc. also easy to build. Everything from a simple video image to a high-definition computer signal can be displayed on the device.

Last but not least, frameless TVs can be rented even in a sunny location, as they have a high brightness.

Implementation of projection technology projects

How to bring your event to life with projection techniques? First, we communicate with you what your idea is. And second, we’ll tell you what new technical options there are that can draw your company’s attention.

In order to issue a projection technology offer, we need to be aware from the outset of our vision as a customer. It is important to know whether the event will be indoors or outdoors. If we have these, we need to see what quality projection technology you want. It doesn't matter if it's a projector or an LED wall. 

You can read more about LED walls in this menu.

If you want to use a projection technique such as projector projection, you need to look at where and how much screen you can place. as well as how very clear we are going is also a very important consideration. even if you use a large projector, a projection will not be as contrasty as an LED wall.

If necessary, we can also build the related aluminum bridges on which we can pull larger canvases or wall lamps or anything else. 

What kind of events can I request for screening technology?

At the company, you can undertake the technical service of all kinds of event projections. In recent years, we have gained a lot of experience in the field of projection technology and we also have a suitable reference. 

We help you plan what projection technique they need and what would be most ideal

Our projection equipment can be rented nationwide, of course we also undertake the delivery.

In addition to operating projection equipment, you can also access the following services:

  • coordination of projection technology, lighting technology and sound technology
  • on-site delivery of projection equipment
  • on-site construction and assembly of projection technology and related structures
  • operation of projection equipment
  • providing a projection technician
  • disassembly and return of projection equipment

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