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Video Camera Technique

If you want to record video material for a conference, meeting, evening or any kind of event, we can offer several options. You can also request a video or audio recording.

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Live internet video streaming?

It is also possible to make video recordings (video technology), conference video, event video, which will be published on a flash drive or in the cloud.

Our special offer: in case of a multilingual conference (conference video) we can record each language separately. It can be played in several languages ​​by transferring it in an MKV file format.

Online video
Make videos online

El-Vision Kft. Also provides an opportunity to place the recorded video and audio material on the website. This service is a free option that all our partners can use. Conference video and audio materials that contain confidential information will be placed on a separate password-protected page. This way, only anyone who knows the username and password can access the video for the event.

Our company undertakes to make video recordings, event videos about corporate, private and school events, conferences, conference videos, dance parties and other events.
Production of portfolios, reference films, promotional and educational films, image films, commercials in a short time.
Our technical background allows us to use the most modern Full HD format


One of the most important elements of film and video making is video recorders. Our clients only receive professional tools.

Whether it’s a live cut of your event or in retrospect, all the tools are available in our own warehouse.

Web online look event video

If you want to be present with your business on every possible surface, the world of online marketing is one of the most important places. Contact us and let us be the first conference video, event video!

He who is not present in some form on the internet almost does not exist! Nowadays, more and more companies have their own website. Here you will share your services, products, conference videos, event videos with those interested. You can make these shares in video or blog format, so a matching video can bring a lot of interest.

One of the most significant elements of online marketing is promotional video or conference video and event video.

Promotional videos are extremely effective in many ways!

In our accelerating world, people have little free time. For this reason, they try to complete their tasks in the shortest possible time. If they need a particular product or service, they usually don’t spend much time searching. Rather, they watch a short conference video, or a corporate presentation video, or an event video. 

The prospectuses on companies ’websites are often found by people to be too long. Because of this, they may leave the website and not contact that company. In contrast, promotional videos make orientation much easier. With their help, those interested can get information quickly. As a result, the chances of contacting the company and establishing stores increase significantly.

Sales video

We call sales when our product or service reaches the customer. During the sale, the products or services you want to sell are presented. Nothing is easier to present this with a company video! This way, the buyer gets to know it, sees how it works, and if they might want to watch the promotional video, they have the opportunity to watch it in person. If you want you can even give it a try.

Online sales video, conference video or event video is not direct. That is, when we sell, we are not there with the customers to help them. Therefore, we need to make an accurate and understandable promotional video.

This way, because we can sell without having to be there in person, we are more likely to find our products. Video videos uploaded to the internet also “sell for us” during the day, but even at night. Our customers will find our products and services as long as our promotional video is available on the Internet.

Presentation video, conference video

A complex presentation method, a technique in the video execution of the event. In a presentation advertising video, the main role is played by illustration. It is mostly used at gatherings and discussions, as a presentation of a new product or service, like a conference video.

Since video is usually focused on presenting a particular product in this case, we need to edit it to be exciting.

It has to float before our eyes that in this case the product, the performer and the spectator play the main role. It is important for the presenter to be able to present the product along with the promotional video, for example in an event video, to attract the attention of the audience. After all, a well-organized presentation can be the basis of a sale and purchase.

Creating a promotional video is not an easy task, so it is better to entrust it to professionals. After all, it will reach almost the entire world through web portals.

Up to thousands of people will click on it every day, so it’s important to watch quality material. Contact us with a request for quotation.